This website features the authentic music from Shetland’s world famous Up Helly Aa festival, local band The Donald Anderson Band, singer song writer Donald Anderson and Edinburgh folk group Brack’n’File.

Experience the authentic sounds of Shetland’s fire festivals with our Up-Helly-Aa CD and Vinyl. This remastered version of the original 1980 recording features the Lerwick Brass Band and Registered Squad No 1, and includes all the lyrics of the songs and a bonus track of the full length version of the Up Helly Song. This is the only authentic recording of the three festival songs that are sung at many of Shetland’s fire festivals. The vinyl edition is a special limited edition, and both the CD and Vinyl come with a booklet describing the Lerwick festival by G.H. Burgess.

Rock out to the contemporary rock sounds of Shetland with The Donald Anderson Band’s In Passing album. This 4-piece band, made up of established Shetland musicians, has been featured at all of Shetland’s top music events and provides an exciting platform for singer-songwriter Donald Anderson’s material.

Discover the songwriting talents of Shetland’s own Donald Anderson with his debut album, Waterhead Sky. This album, released in 2005, received excellent reviews and positive word of mouth feedback, and showcases Donald’s abilities as a singer and guitarist.

Brack ‘n’ File is a new group that was formed in 2012 by two old friends. Well known Edinburgh guitarist Tony Mitchell and Shetland based bassist Rick Nickerson, two thirds of popular 70’s contemporary folk group Rankin File* have teamed up with singer Maureen Brack, also of Edinburgh.

Explore our website to learn more about these amazing music offerings, and check back often as we continue to add new and exciting Shetland-made music to our collection.